LRSC – Long Range Shooting Club

D.O.P.E and send it!

Competition Categories: 

The LRSC was established, partly, to honour the role of specific current service calibres that are in use world-wide, specifically relating to long range shooting and tactical extreme range shooting. Competitors will compete in their respective calibre divisions. We have two divisions – STOCK DIVISION: Factory Built Rifles; and OPEN DIVISION: Custom Built Rifles. The divisions are divided into:


F-BA Class (Factory – Bolt Action)

FR-A Class (Factory Rifle AND Factory Ammunition – No Mods)

F-SL Class (Factory – Self Loading)

Each calibre class competes only in their respective calibre group, in other words, .223 shooters compete only against other .223 competitors. Calibre classes are as follows:

.223 / 5.56 x 45 Nato

.308 / 7,62 x 51 Nato & 7,62 x 54

.300 Win Mag

.338 Lapua

.50 BMG


Custom Built Rifles of any sort:

In Semi-auto and Bolt Action configurations, in:

All the above calibres, as well as factory rifles in ALL other calibres. Please note: Custom means any firearm that has been modified in any way, other than external attachments, such as cheek pads, bipods, ACDs, etc. Competitions, shoots, events, courses, talks, etc. are held during each year, at various venues, and members are informed of competitions and events via our electronic newsletters.


Rifles of any sort:

In Semi-auto and Bolt Action configurations, in any of the 6.5 calibres, such as 6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Remington, 6,5 x 47 Lapua, etc.


Please click here to download our Official LRSC Score Sheet for our home range. Complete this score sheet, as proof of your shooting activity, and send to your respective SAPS Accredited Association/s which might belong to, as proof of your Dedicated Hunter or Dedicated Sportsman activity.